Our Community Marketing Experts

Our recognised experts in the fields of Community Marketing, Research and Innovation are available to you everywhere in the world.


The Community Marketing Consultants implement all the means to create, manage and operate effectively your communities.
They manage all community projects and offer the most appropriate recommendations for optimizing your community strategy.


Our recruitment experts implement ways to recruit, qualify and monitor your community:
To recruit : They implement the necessary means to bring your targets to your community. The forms of recruiting vary:
• Social platforms,
• Official websites,
• Brand own CRM / SRM / ISN,
• Retail shops / (web) call center,
• Brand database,
• Own panel or access panel…
To qualify : They implement the necessary means to qualify the declarative data and observed profile of the members of your community, ensuring that they match the initially targeted sample.
To follow : They follow your community members activity and ensure that additional necessary recruitments are made according to the community objectives and engagement targets …


The community management experts provide good conversational dynamics within your communities.
The Community Management covers a large range of actions:
• To welcome participants and follow up their activity during the life of the community,
• To organise and moderate discussions,
• To encourage content sharing between members,
• To start a topic and to follow up discussions,
• To control the quality of comments and engage people into discussions,
• To put together actions which will enhance the members loyalty through the organization of online events, to ensure that the code of conduct and courtesy rules in place within the community are followed by all…
A good Community Management is based on strong team work, a team usually composed of a Community Manager, one or several moderators and all the actors part of the recruiting process in place for a community (Community Panel manager, External Recruiting solutions etc.) …


Both moderators and analysts, their mission is to moderate the communities and then extract and analyze the entire content created by the participants. They must possess a sound knowledge of all community research tools and the content analysis methods in place given a specific type of community.
Generalists or specialists, they can cover different professions within the research field: Qualitativist, Psychologist, Sociologist, Semiologist, Ethnologist, Statistician …


The Community Sourcing is a crowdsourcing at the scale of a community. The experts will use technics to boost the creativity, the intelligence and the know-how of a large population to extract a significant amount of data (ideas, suggestions, technics, methods) …
ACTIVE Community Sourcing : members are engaged to help find a solution to a problem
PASSIVE Community Sourcing : the solution to a problem is discovered a posteriori through the observation of the members naturel behavior


Observers, moderators and followers of the creativity and innovation process taking place within the community, they come from various fields of expertise:
· Moderators of creative communities,
· Trend experts,
· Designers …
They help you to identify insights and trends, to create co-creative dynamics and to draft concepts and innovation projects.


The Community Broadcast is the broadcasting of contents created by the community (verbatim, videos …) toward other communities and the digital ecosystem of a brand.
Under a typical community marketing campaign, the broadcasted contents will be the best usage advices, the ratings and opinions on an offering, the consumers testimonials and tutorials …