Community Platforms

Your platforms are 100% customizable, accessible anytime, anywhere in the World , from any device (Computer, tablets, smartphone) …

Customize your platforms

You can customize your platform and every single one of your events:
• Graphic and visual customization,
• Creation of a specific URL,
• Making your platform operational in any language desired

Create your own communities

You can qualify and monitor accurately the profile of all participants.
You can create multiple qualified communities, you will then be able to invite them as you please to your events: Bulletin Board, Chat, Community Forum, Labs …

Invite your participants

You can simply and directly organize your invitations to participants, clients, observers …
Simply select the profiles you want and invite them in one click. All procedures and safety measures / confidentiality are handled automatically by the platform.

Manage your participants

You manage all of your participants and follow their activity on your community.
Follow the participation of each member
You can create sub-groups of participants,
You can create and manage alerts action or keywords …


You can choose for each topic the visualization mode, participation mode, as well as the sharing mode :
Collective comments, private for a member or a group, collective after response of a member …
Sending individual emails and mass emails to contact participants …

Share contents

You can share all types of content:
Text / transcripts, emoticons,
Multimedia files: video, sound files, images, videos …
Web links
Office documents: Word / Excel / PowerPoint / PDF …

Co create, paste and draw

You can organize creative sessions with participants.
To do so you can use different tools:
• Interactive collage,
• Online drawing
• Moodboard…

Chat / Videochat

You can organize sessions of synchronous discussions with one or more participants.
You can use a videochat version in order to communicate with up to 10 participants during a video conference with an additional chat if you wish.

Create a poll

You can easily create mini polls available to your community.
You can create as many polls as you want, for as many participants as desired.
You can view and extract directly the results of your mini-surveys on the platform.

Manage your community

Dashboards allow you to track all activity on your platform, by subject, category of subjects or all subjects, on a specific day, week, month, etc …
You will have at your disposal tools to have a quick view: wall of keywords, publication walls, wall of discussions, participation statistics and content creation, etc …

Extract your results

You can retrieve at any time the results of your conversations by topic, subject, participant or group of participants … In PDF (can be copied) or SQL format …
You can also bookmark the posts/comments at any time to benefit later on from a specific database of reviews …

Create tailored made functionalities

Our platforms have been 100% developed by our teams of engineers and researchers. We can quickly develop specific new features to meet all your new requirements on request.