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Created by Experts in Qualitative Research, Community Web & Creativity


The only actor integrating and giving you total control of the value chain of the Community Marketing


An offer accessible all over the world. Agencies in Paris, New York and Hong Kong.


More than 1.100 communities managed this year…


A listed company on Alternativa (European stock exchange for innovative mid caps)

2014 : Krealinks opens its New York and Hong Kong offices to manage its client relationships across 42 countries …
May 2013 : Krealinks is listed for the first time on the Alternativa stock market to get the resources necessary to develop its activity and ensure a quick organic growth over the next few years.
2013 : many new brands decide to engage into developping their communities, Krealinks offers its solutions to Brands, Research Institutes and agencies.
Back End 2012 : Krealinks signs for more than 1 million euros of projects for its first year of activity, thanks to its tremendous 150 EUR budget dedicated to communication (equating to 3 kakemonos that we found fit to purchase …)
2012 : Krealinks merges with Advancia and integrates its operations to develop the Community Research activity and offering towards Research Institutes.
2012 : Krealinks win the GL Events tender to create a community of 1000 trend experts in gastronomy and food services across 10 countries.
2012 : Krealinks win the tender for the creation of EDF customers’ community.
2011 : Krealinks get out of the garage, the first community platforms are launched.
2010: Sebastien, Nestor, Lea, Fx, Chris, Jacob and Gustavo are seduced by the idea of revolutionizing the market research and creativity: they give up everything and rush towards Ronan and Bea to join Krealinks.
2009 : Krealinks is incorporated in Paris.
2007 : The web 2.0 and its increased interactivity opens new possibilities to market research. Ronan Rigaud and Beatrice Maccario decide to launch the Krealinks project to revolutionize the market researches.