Recruit and motivate your community

We offer you a complete range of solutions to recruit and motivate your community.

Choose the right community

A community is a group of people who have something in common (a passion, a hobby, a product, a brand, a socio-demographic…)

We help you select the right community profile that will best suit your needs:
ITS SIZE: from 2 to several thousands members
ITS LENGTH : from 1 hour to several months
ITS ACCESSIBILITY : public or private …
ITS DYNAMICS : synchronous, asynchronous, mixed
THE PROFILE OF YOUR PARTICIPANTS: clients, prospects, experts, staff …

Invite the members of your community

We adapt the recruiting methods to guaranty
• The quality of the profiles
• The optimization of delays
• The optimization of budget

We build alongside with you a recruiting grid large enough, scalable and designed to suit your needs and budget:
Your recruitment can be done on the basis of access panels, your own customer files, mailing campaigns, mail, web or telephone, point of sale, etc …
We plug your communities into your digital recruiting grid.
We advise you on the best suitable solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Motivate the engagement in your community

A successful community is based both on good moderation and a suitable incentive program which will vary according to :
· The nature of the thematic treated,
· The typology of the people taking part in the community,
· The size of the community,
· The length of the community,
· The nature of the solicitation …

Different forms of incentives can be offered to suit every type of community : checks, gift certificates, gifts, product offerings, recognition / starification of best contributors, etc.
We accompany you throughout the process to advise you on best practices, and to take the lead on part or all of the necessary commitments for your projects.