STARCOM France(Publicis group) chose KREALINKS

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STARCOM« Move as closely as possible to people, of their daily realities and expectations, uncover their subconscious desires is Starcom’s number 1 priority in order to orchestrate strong and relatable communication strategies. In this effort, real time communication with the audience is a concrete and precious tool.

Thus, the different communities we animated through Krealinks were therefore an unprecedented source of information! Via what could be perceived as informal conversations, but also through concept and communication tests, we gathered key verbatims, which significantly enrich our vision for each brands.

We were also able to invite ourselves into the participants intimacy by asking them to share pictures of their rooms, kitchen or dress room; a fascinating exercise for anyone desiring to understand the hidden facts behind a purchase or a behavior .”

Julie.D, Human Experience Strategist, Starcom

More information about KREALINKS:

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