Success of the Webinar Frenchweb / Krealinks and client communities. April 8, 2014 – Creating online communities to generate insights and to create value

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Frenchweb_KrealinksReminder of content of the online workshop:

Krealinks is pioneer in building customized communities. Krealinks solutions are used by major companies, Research agencies and institutes recognized in more than 40 countries.

This workshop offered:

1. An overview of the different types of customized communities which could be created. Communities of customers, prospects, experts, employees, creative experts, … and this and this per project / issue at stake / objective .
2. An illustrated presentation on how to create and manage communities on Krealinks platforms
3. An overview of usage and new and substantial advantages you can benefit from …

The entire workshop is based on the presentation of different business cases illustrating various issues across different sectors of activity.
Ronan Rigaud and William Yattah would like to thank the hundred participants who contributed to the success of this online workshop.

To view the video of this workshop, ask questions or have a personalized demonstration contact us:

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