Krealinks join Go Global with Unilever project.

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Profil de la candidature de Krealinks

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from Jean-Christophe Liaubet
Wednesday, Jan 15 2014

Krealinks is a new very promising disruptive global player joining the marketing world.
This pioneer of community marketing proposes innovative solutions and market research tools offering a great « value for money » for advertisers: better knowledge of their clients/consumers with more reliable and granular qualitative data at a high discount vs traditional market research products. High ROI guaranteed !
I am fully convinced that Krealinks, which is currently enjoying a strong traction with major international advertisers, will be among the winners in the new marketing and market research world where the digital revolution reshuffles the cards.
The vision of its skilled and experienced management, its cutting edge technology, its International presence (offer already in 40 countries), its robust financials are key competitive advantages and strengths. They should allow Krealinks to write an impressive success story and to seize the high potential growth opportunities standing ahead.

from Xavier MARC
Thursday, Jan 16 2014

Experts Krealinks help us daily for years in qualitative research and innovation. Essential !

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